Can Cabbage Make Us Stink?

Does Cabbage Actually Give Us Body Odor?

A lot of people are starting to notice body odor and specifically after they eat certain foods.
One food in particular is cabbage.
Articles are sprouting up across the web regarding this debate as to whether or not this food is the culprit.
Cabbage is known for it’s release of sulfur compounds and this can cause our bodies to react.
So does cabbage cause us to stink?
Yes, but continue reading there may be a solution.
Our bodies sweat these sulfur compounds and that is where it can give our bodies odor.
If you don’t sweat much, you may not notice the smell until the next day.
Some can notice a smell as early as one hour after consumption.
However, Don’t dismiss eating cabbage just yet…it has it’s benefits.
While cabbage can cause a bad smell, it has great benefits.
This vegetable fights various cancer’s and diseases.
Is There A Solution To The Smell?
Yes, You can eliminate some of the smell or possibly all.
You need to boil the cabbage in water and add a bit of salt.
This won’t eliminate the benefits of the cancer fighting qualities and you won’t smell!
There you have it another puzzle solved! Now you know!
If you still struggle with body odor, see another possible solution below:

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