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We accept creative commons photo’s, videos or icons for Pictabay. All contributions to this site must be made by you and fully free without attribution required for others. These can be sent by a link for preview, jpg, webp or png file extensions. We now have a free photo converter tool if you need to resize or convert to another format.

As a thank you, you may submit any link to our site for your submission as well as a name you prefer as the author. These are optional, but great for free marketing or traffic.   The link must be to your site, Flickr page, social media page or can be a URL belonging to you personally.  We have zero tolerance for spam links or anything of obscenity, war, death, drugs, vulgar language etc… We reserve the right not to add links or images sent at any time.

We will contact you if your artwork is accepted!

Free Creative Commons Photo’s – We accept these with a link to any social media site (ex. Flickr, Pinterest, Facebook), or as a jpg or webp extension.  You must own the photo fully and not require attribution to submit.  These will be used for personal and commercial use without any restrictions  or attribution required by our audience.  You will get credit on our site with a link back to your shop or work. The Photo’s will be in webp format with a link to the original file location. You can use our converter tool to make a copy of any image and make it webp.  If you are submitting an icon or illustration containing a transparent background then you can submit these as png file extensions.

What do we need?

Here are a few ideas of what kind of resources can be interesting to our audience:

  • Vacation
  • Food
  • Services
  • Icon sets
  • Animals
  • Discovery
  • Plumbing
  • Moving
  • Social
  • Hacks
  • Crafts
  • Medical
  • Business
  • Law
  • Nature
  • and more…

Our viewers are waiting for your inspiration! Upload your Inspiration and get more exposure to your work.  If your work is selected, we will reach out to you.  Good luck!

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