A Fruit That Taste Like Chocolate Pudding?

Chocolate Pudding Fruit – Really?

Is there a fruit that actually taste like chocolate pudding?
Could this be true?

Rumor has it that there is a native fruit that taste just like chocolate pudding or sweet custard.

This fruit is a member of the ebenaceae family and it looks just like pudding right out of the skin.

This rumor is true!

Can you guess what this fruit is called?

The fruit is called black sapote.

Other common names include chocolate pudding fruit or black soapapple.

In spanish it is often called zapote prieto.

This fruit is native to mexico, central america, and Colombia.


There is a fruit also called white sapote and it is not related to the black sapote, so don’t get them confused.

It’s not the white chocolate version!

This fruit is low in fat and contains four times the amount of vitamin C as an orange.

Eat all the chocolate you want and not feel guilty about it!

Now you know how to love your fruits!
There’s even a chocolate university! Not Kidding!  Check it out below:

Take Me To Chocolate University

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