Are Blue Strawberries Real?

True Or False – Blue Strawberries

There are a lot of photo’s and people selling blue strawberry seedlings online.

The claim is you can grow strawberries from certain seedlings being sold online, but is this true?

There are articles claiming these strawberries were genetically made from an artificial transfer of genes from a fish species called the Artic flounder fish.  Um what huh!

What do you think? True or False

False – These do not exist!

You can see from a simple search online many before and after shots of photo’s reveal these are in fact manipulated to make the strawberries blue.

After careful research, we in fact find out it’s false.

Exposed! Don’t fall for everything you see.

For the curious minds: Grow your own sample of blue strawberry seeds and let us know your comments If you find a batch that actually works:

Author: Pictabay

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