Top 15 Men Hairstyle’s To Make You Drool


Hairstyle #1: The Man Bun

This updo man’s style is so cute and say’s man cave style. This style is probably the hardest to manage, but very cute on any man. Women can’t get enough of this style. Think Bam Bam! What girl does not drool over a man bun?


Hairstyle #2: The Spiked

The long spiked look keeps it long on top and spiked straight up. I think this style can help if you have thin hair and your just not sure how to style it. You can also make this shorter with a tapered fade. Either way, spiked hair is still a super hot look.


Hairstyle #3: The Slicked Back High Fade

I think this slicked back look can work for most guys and the fade can be high or low to work with it. It may be a little hard to manage if you have to bend over a lot. Possibly a lot of hair spray.


Hairstyle #4: The Textured Top

Textured hair on top is always in and very cute on the right type of hair. This look works better with guys with thick wavy hair on top, rather than really thin hair types.


Hairstyle #5: The Really Short Top

A cute short style with an added beard is always in style for men’s hair. This works if you have really thin hair or even thick hair. Great for the outdoor man.


Hairstyle #6: The Curly Top

This curly top look is great for thick and curls on a guy. We love a guy with curls on top. It say’s, “Let’s Cuddle” and who can turn down that cuteness!


Hairstyle #7: The Business Style

This business man hairstyle is clean on top and clean on the sides. No fades or buzz cuts for the business minded man. He means business with his clean cut style!


Hairstyle #8: The Parted Fade

There is a lot of these parted styles going around these day’s with the faded sides and back. It can be high top or low top hair styles and is cute with a goatee. Let’s not make the top too high now guys, or you may have head’s turning for another reason.


Hairstyle #9: The Brushed Back

The brushed back look is good for semi-long hair and say’s I am sophisticated. It works best with medium hair types.  Too thin or thick of hair can make this style feel a bit glued down with hardly any hair, or too much hair.


Hairstyle #10: The Long On Top

This style has long hair brushed back or can go in a half ponytail. It is very cute, but possibly hard to manage if you don’t put it in a ponytail.


Hairstyle #11: The Square Top

The square top look say’s I am a serious man and clean cut. The Type-A male personalities tend to love this look. Everything must be organized and perfect, including their hair.


Hairstyle #12: The Faux Hawk

This faux hawk look is very popular even still today. It say’s I am clean cut with a bit of fun to it. This look is cute on almost every guy that tries it. You can’t go wrong with this look!


Hairstyle #13: The French Crop

This french crop look say’s wild or dominant male type in my personal opinion. It is cute with a tapered faded look high or low on sides and back.


Hairstyle #14: The Comb Over 

The comb over with faded sides look is a big hit with most men, but is it woman’s favorite? I think with the right hair type it can work with most men, but again watch the length on top.  Let’s not fly away!

Hairstyle #15: The Messy Top

The messy top look is a favorite and popular among the young crowds. It say’s fun and cute personality type. Another cuddle you to pieces look.  These men are good with relationships as this style suggest a bit of a romantic.  Maybe too good?

There you have it folks – 15 Men Hairstyles To Drool Over.  Comment and share your opinion on your favorite below.

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