Recent Discoveries

Recent Discoveries Over The Past Five Years

Everyday, new discoveries are popping up around us. From the vast astronomical world to our very own bodies, we are learning more about ourselves and our surroundings. The more we discover the more we realize how mysterious this world is. Let us take a journey together and see some of the 3, most astonishing, recent discoveries made over the past 5 years.

You can now taste smells.

The sense of smell and taste , as you know, are very closely related. That is why you can’t clearly differentiate various food flavours when you have a flu. You need the sense of smell to appreciate complex flavours like ginger and raspberry.

A recent discovery was made in Philadelphia, one that can revolutionize our experience of the sense of smell. Monel Chemical Senses Centre(M.C.S.C.) carried out a research and they were able to establish that it is possible for us to taste smells. They primarily carried out experiments on rodents.

When their results were positive, they started to work on humans. The results were quite similar as the test subjects were able to sense strong aromatic substances with their tongue. This discovery hasn’t been well established yet but it is fast becoming popular among food nutritionists and organic chemistry specialists. Just as Dr. Ozdener, a chief researcher at M.C.S.C. , they believe that it might help us to check on our diet improving our health and lifestyle.

Fanged frogs

The World Wildlife Federation first made this astonishing discovery in New Guinea. Later, they discovered more of this unique amphibian species in Indonesia. These types of frogs are 1.5 inches long (from the snout to the back) what makes them outstanding is the fact that they have ‘fangs’ on they are lower jaw.

However, it was discovered later in the year that these aren’t actual teeth but are extensions of the lower jaw bone. The function of these structures are still a mystery. Even so, most herpetologists argue that they are adapted for catching prey. These frogs prey on birds and insects. Some researchers also suggest that these fangs are used for fighting over their mates.

The flaw with this theory is that these protrusions are found in both male and female species. Currently, we might not know much about this mysterious amphibian but it goes without saying that it is one of nature’s wonders.

Who built the pyramids of Giza?

The great pyramids of Giza are one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. In fact, most archaeologists claim that pyramids were the largest man-built structure of their time. For so long, researchers have dug deep into the pages of history to know who actually built this great structures.

There has been a great controversy among historians over the original builders of the pyramids of Giza. Some claim that they were built by foreign slaves while others say that they are a work of the inhabitants of ancient Egypt.

Early this year, 3 tombs were discovered near the second largest pyramid. These tombs belong to elite members of the fifth Dynasty of Egypt and they date back to almost 5000 years ago. This discovery might be a game changer in the dispute over the builders. The Egyptian architecture and design of the tombs suggest that Egyptians were the original builders of the tombs.

There are plenty of other recent discoveries being made by the day. I might want us to look at some of them but I will be lost of words. With the annual doubling of the human bank of knowledge, we might be able to make more discoveries; discoveries that would change the face of science and technology completely.

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